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    Pilots, boaters, scientiscts will love this. Go to Settings ans set Windy to so called "zuluMode" do display all times in UTC.

    This works on www.windy.com for now, iOS and Android apps will be updated soon

    Note: This is long requested feature, which I was scared to implement (because of its complexity). It turned out that I have developed this in one day.

    Enjoy , Ivo


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    I absolutely LOVE your program. I am a pilot and also work with the Bering Sea Fisheries. All our Vessel Captains also love your program - It is the culmination of the hope and promise of the computer age as it relates to personal meteorological data. BRILLIANT !!

    I also love the UTC time and greatly appreciate its implementation. But like so many children, when given one piece of candy another is wanted; is it possible to show both UTC time and Local (computer perhaps) times on the same screen?? This seems trivial, but it allows instant mental calculation from present to time of future event by just comparing either local time or UTC time to event time regardless of what timeframe your mind is currently engaged.

    Kindest regards,


  • Ivo,

    Amazing job on this app, man. There are so many great features, and the visual depiction makes it very accessible for flying in remote areas. Many Canadian bush pilots are turning to Windy as their primary source for weather - myself included. Keep building!

    Happy holidays.

  • I have noticed this wonderful feature, however what happened to the increments starting with 00Z? Now it starts with 23Z. I am unsure if there something I am missing. It is definitely throwing me off while using Windy. Is there a way to change the time increments?

  • @ivo
    Hi Ivo,
    I am trying to add the particles animation as a URL into my existing map in ArcGIS Online but unsure how I can do this? The options available are:
    ArcGIS Server Web Service,
    WMS OGC Web Service,
    WMTS OGC Web Service,
    WFS OGC Web Service,
    Tile Layer
    KML Layer
    GeoRSS file
    CSV file

    Thanks in advance,

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    @nwseaster You R right I will do it

  • @ivo This is the best weather program out there BY MILES! I tell everyone about it, I only hope you're making money off it. How much do you think is a reasonable contribution? I was thinking $10, but happy to pay more if you think that's a little mean.


  • Ivo it's Rob MacDuff flew with you in a 429. I've been a huge fan of windy for a while. When we met I told you that users should pay. I'm a user, charge me. I get how much fun you have with this thing but we should all have to "subscribe."

  • Ivo, come to Canada with your gals for a hockey game.

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    @dugal2201 Happy to here you. Thx for invitation. Love the Canada. I still have my 135, so far no courage to go for 429

  • @michaelfairburn
    Awesome app I like it

  • So my friend, which credit card and how much for a subscription to Windy? Rob MacDuff

  • @ivo the invitation has nothing to do with helicopter type or manufacturer. You are a good heli pilot I flew with you. Your wife and daughter are hockey fans the invite is more for them not you.

  • Im a subsea engineer and planinng work on the subsea assets Im responsible for is entirely weather dependant. Windy is the best tool for forecasting Ive ever seen. I absolutely rely on it and plan multi million dollar jobs around it - successfully every time.

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    @BA-Guest1 Thank you, it sounds great! Could you please tell us more details about your use case?

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