Geopotential Height and Precip Question

  • Hi Windy,

    I'm a fan of your plotting as a meteorologist/climatologist. Is there a reason when you click "Rain, Thunder" and animate precipitation, the isopleths do not animate? This is particularly of interest on the meteorology side since this is the only modern website I know of that plots ECMWF data at higher time resolutions compared to other sites. Speaking of ECMWF data, do you pay a large fee to plot their data?


  • Moderator

    @zacharyj7 The isobars do animate as the forecast moves forward in time. And as for the geopotential height, Windy doesn't have a layer or isopleths anymore since a few months ago. Not exactly sure of the reason, I know that geopotential height parameters are no longer supported on the site.

    And as for the ECMWF model, Windy does pay to use the model. That is why Windy is currently accepting donations to help pay for it.

  • Sailor

    Hi Guy, your answer to @zacharyj7 is strange for me.
    Windy does have isopleths for geopotential heights. (Isopleths is a general term similar to Isolines used in Windy menu. When speaking of geopotential heights, the precise term is Isohypses)
    There is no layer for geopotential heights, unfortunately.... but geopotential isolines are available if you select them in « More layers ». These geopotential isolines do animate with Temperature layer or Rain layer. However this works fine with ECMWF, but very bad with GFS !
    It would be a good improvement to make the GFS isohypses (or geopotential isolines) correctly displayed !

  • Moderator

    @idefix37 I have the option for geopotential heights isopleths too, but it doesn't work for me on any model. Whenever I click on it, it just gives me a "You are no longer connected to the internet error."

  • Sailor

    It seems that this issue is linked to the browser ??
    I use Safari and Chrome, but for both of them geopotential isolines work only with ECMWF.


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