Sounding Diagram - what are the grey lines?

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    It's great to have that new sounding diagram at hand - what a fantastic feature! However, I am still trying to understand it completely.

    Here, @Chobotnatec writes, that the grey lines represent the dry adiabate and the moist adiabate:

    To me it seems, that it's rather three grey lines:

    • The saturation ratio (going out from the dew point temperature on ground level)

    • The dry adiabate (from ground level to the point where the saturation ratio line reaches the redline)

    • And the moist adiabate (attaching to the dry adiabate at the intersection between the dry adiabate, the moist adiabate and the red temperature line)

    Is that correct? Could any of the experts please clarify?


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