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    Firstly a big thank you for Windy. I use it for flying and find the forecasts incredibly precise and reliable.
    When flying VFR the cloud base is of particular interest especially when it's getting marginal. And here's the question : The colours are explained at the bottom except the grey areas which return an X (no value) in terms of cloud base altitude. Does it mean the forecast is not possible to determine or rather that the ceiling is indefinite ?

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    If there is no cloud, there is no reason to indicate a figure for the cloud base.

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    @idefix37 Thanks for your reply. That was indeed my question, i.e. does the grey colour mean there are no clouds ? Psychologically one tends to associate grey with obscured sky and blue with clear sky, hence the colour scheme could be improved to become more intuitive.

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    @gildnn said in Cloud base colour scheme:That was indeed my question, i.e. does the grey colour mean there are no clouds ?

    Yes, it seems that the grey colour mean « no cloud» if you compare the Cloud base layer with the Cloud layer.


    There is no cloud over Spain, England and North Sea where there is this grey colour in same places on the Cloud base layer.
    May be you have noticed that the high cloud bases (corresponding to the 8000m range, sorry my settings are not in feet) are in a greenish grey, which can be confused with the grey of « no cloud ».

    I have tried to change this grey colour in Settings -> Modify layers colours. It’s possible to change to other colours but not this « no cloud » grey.


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