SOLVED Displayed ZULU time wrong

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    0_1546234239667_Screen Shot 2018-12-30 at 07.06.55.png

    getting worse when using the time slider

    0_1546234375508_Screen Shot 2018-12-31 at 06.32.06.png

    Location Valhall

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    Hmm hmm hmm. The time on a left is local time of your computer clock. On the right is of course ZULU. What is local time of your computer, resp what is you computer timezone.

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    Timezone here is GMT+1.
    I did some more testing and it seems that the Zulu time is correct when updating the site but it is not correct calculated when moving the time slider.

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    @cougarnaut Are you able to replicate the bug. I am unable to simulate it.

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    When refreshing the site it is ok and when the slider is moved very slowly it seems to calculate ok, but when done in normal speed the Zulu time refresh gets stuck.

    0_1546406471760_Screen Shot 2019-01-02 at 06.15.09.png

    0_1546406480176_Screen Shot 2019-01-02 at 06.15.46.png

    0_1546406486287_Screen Shot 2019-01-02 at 06.16.22.png

    0_1546406493799_Screen Shot 2019-01-02 at 06.16.36.png

  • Same here. If you move the slider very slow, i.e. pixel by pixel it can be seen, that the Z time counts at different pixel positions as the local time. Thus, time may vary by 1 hour.

  • Same here. Every time I open the app there is a difference in Zulu of 6 or more hours, instead of 2 hours that is my (winter) time zone.
    In the pic below, PC time is 12:00, time is correctly shown in time bar, however Zulu time shown is 03:00Z, instead of 10:00Z, a 7 hour difference.

    I found that going to settings and toggling Zulu time off then on will usually fix this issue, but sometimes it has a daylight saving +1hr added as well, when it should not.

    Edit: moving the time bar backwards and forwards completely messes up Zulu time. Started with correct 2 hour difference, went a bit forward then back to the same time, now difference is 10 hours. Also, advancing 1 hour local time does not always advance Zulu time by 1 hour. In short, they are out of sync.

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    I am unble to replicate the bug. Can you please try to investigate, what lead to bad ZULU time. Some video vould also help. So far I am helpless.

  • Incorrect zulu:
    Using mouse to change bottom timeline.
    Sometimes it 3h diff, sometimes it is far off as 17h when moving end of timeline. (Using arrow keys next makes UTC correct)

    Correct zulu:
    Using keyboard arrow keys to move bottom timeline.
    Meteograms show correct zulu.

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    Thx @siim for detailed investigation. found & fixed. Will be deployed next weeks

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