• Photographer

    Since this is a suggestion I am posting it in the feedback and suggestion section instead of that plugging section.

    Simply if somebody has the time and energy to write a WordPress plugin to show the map and the different layers. would make it so much easier to embed for the novice users.

  • I believe there is a paid plugin on codecanyon that does show this kind of information; I haven't used it myself though so I'm not sure how straightforward it is for novice users.

    I'm planning to build a free plugin that allows users to use the existing windy.com widget as a native WordPress widget, and I'll probably include some simple shortcode functionality too. Will keep you updated on it if you're interested. :)

  • @davidmatthew Please do. Since we have only one free plugin (with wind layer) and one paid on CodeCanyon there is still a big lack of professional free plugin with multiple layers.

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