Southern hemisphere weather models not been used.

  • Hi, l noticed that there is only one global weather model used. This might explain why suddenly this last week the modeling of the Temperature in Australia has been completely inaccurate.

    The HIGHEST temperature forecast is low by as much as ten °C!

    In the past it has been a lot more accurate and it is extremely irritating that this standard hasn't been maintained.

    Too the point that for users in Australia it would be completely useless to us.

    Maybe you should talk to the Australian Bureau of meteorology and include their modeling in this program.

    Mind you l can't understand why the gws global model is not accurate.

    It is almost like the agencies that create these models, have been infiltrated by a bunch of 'climate change deniers'.

    For instance the forecast high for Rosewater ( suburb of Adelaide has a forecast high of 28°C and at 9am local time it is already 32°C.
    Wierd or what?

  • Moderator


    What model do they use in Australia? Do you know if it's free to use?

    I haven't heard much about "southern" weather models so far.

  • Sailor Moderator

    Here is some information about the weather model used the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) of Australia. This model is similar to the UKMO model.

    It seems that you are right and that the observed temperatures in Australia are higher than the forecast temperatures seen on Windy, at this time of the year.
    When you say that there is one global model used: No, the ECMWF model is the default model used by Windy, but you may choose the GFS which seems to show better modelling of the temperature in your country (Btw what do you mean by gws model?)
    So it’s may be better for you to switch to GFS for temperature forecasts.
    But be sure that the ECMWF has not been infiltrated by «climate change deniers » :-)
    You can check it by their communication :

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