Load our meteorological data into your Windy Plugin

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    @johnckealy @vicb @jacobsjo

    Yes. Many of plugins will be offline until we update our code.

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    @rittels @marekd

    Thanks for the notification. I'll update my plugin.

    I am not using compiler.js (because it has too many limitations for my use case). So could you please describe the differences ?

    Is it that plugin should be imported from @plugins/{name} ?

    ie W.require("pluginDataLoader") should be changed to W.require("plugin-data-loader")

    Many of plugins will be offline until we update our code.

    What does that mean ? When can I try the updated version ?

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    I had the following code

      plugins["detail-render"].load().then(() => {
        W.define("meteogram-ext", ["meteogram", "Class"], function(m, c) {
          return c.extend(m, {
            legend: () => this,

    which does not work if I replace "detail-render" with "@plugins/detail-render" any hit ?

    The error is an not resolve @plugins/windy-plugin-sounding module TypeError: Cannot read property 'load' of undefined

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    I think by "offline" you actually meant "broken".
    I have published 1.1.8 that fixes it.


    I was actually using the meteogram to get the rain cloud cover.
    I did that by trapping inside the meteogram canvas and check the color...

    I would be great if you provide and API to get the rain cloud cover at a given time and altitude - or make that part of the loadable data.

    Do you think this is possible ?

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    We changed package path naming in a client version 27.

    • @windy/* packages are from client core (shared components across the whole client, important for initializing and basic functionality) - but this namespace is traspiled during build to "old style" for some reason!
    • @plugins/* packages are all plugins (eg. plugin-data-loader)
    • no namespace is used for requiring local modules

    Also we switched from camelCase to kebab-case.

    So @vicb if you are using W.require directly without our compiler, I would recommend you to check the content of W.modules on windy.com.

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    @vicb @johnckealy @marekd

    var pluginDataLoader = W.require('@plugins/plugin-data-loader');

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    @vicb I think if you access the plugins directly, thus not importing (or requiring), then it is still W.plugins['detail-render'].

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    @rittels @marekd Thanks for all the info

    (Yes it is definitely plugins["detail-render"] to access the plugin).

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    @marekd, thanks for the update. Backwards compatibility is sacred for me so I'm surprised that you break it just to change a name, especially if there are official docs and examples around. I can understand that this was an omission but I don't understand not reverting it once reported. Can you please at least keep both names? (I don't know if some kind of aliases are possible here.)

  • Thanks for the info all, I've added a patch for SkewT :)

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