• Hey everyone,
    I have two rather simple questions regarding the wind (representation of data) and wave forecast. In the picture below you can see the comparison of wind forecasts at a specific location. As you can see the vector map (showing the ICON data) does not match the ICON wind vector. I am assuming the model output is represented by the vector, while the vector field is just a stylised representation of the data? Or is it using a different time?


    In the lower part of the second picture you can see the wave forecast for a specific location. What do the actual rows mean? The first one is obviously wind and gusts (smaller numbers), the third one is wave forecast 1 (Seegang "1"m, 10s). The other two (row two and four) are a miracle to me. What do they mean?

    Thanks in advance,

  • Sailor Moderator



    1- Sometime the wind animation doesn’t match the wind vectors when you switch from a model to another one. It seems to be blocked. In this case try to use the wind comparison tool starting with the model you prefer.

    2- Concerning the wave diagram, a part of the legend is missing on your screenshot. You should see:


    What app do you use? It seems to be iOS? May be necessary to update your app?

  • Thanks for your detailed answer, helps a lot. It is good to see that the information is implemented in the UI but is just not visible for me.
    I am using iOS 12.1.2 with Windy.com v. 17.05 with an iPhone 5s. My App Store and settings tell me both the App and the OS are updated to their latest versions.

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