SOLVED windy-plugin-skewt now running with ECMWF data

  • Version 0.2.0 is done! The skewT plugin now runs with ECMWF data. Use the picker to open a skewT and explore the world's profiles :)

    This version is still a little buggy I'm afraid (mostly the wind barbs), but I'll publish a few fixes soon. It's also slower than I'd like. Two things that would really help me for the next version are

    1. Is there a simple way to get surface pressure? I've tried getting it from the "forecast" method of pluginDataLoader, but using both this and "airData" together seems to grind everything to a halt. Right now the plugin just uses 1000hPa as the surface, which is far from ideal. Any chance someone @Windy could add surface pressure into the "airData" on the backend?

    2. Is there an API call that is sensitive to user changes in the time slider? Right now you have to move the picker after changing the date/time, or the plugin can't reload itself. Couldn't find anything in the API docs that could do this.


    @ivo @rittels @Gkikas-LGPZ

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    @johnckealy Ad 1) this must be bug in pluginDataLoader. I will check. Does it produce some error?

    Ad 2)

    import store from 'store'
    store.on('timestamp', ts => {
      console.log('New ts is', timestamp)

  • @ivo thanks for the info. It turned out to be quite trivial :)

    The timestamp call works a treat. With the loader: no, there was no error, but I was embedding one load statement within the other which was probably a bad idea. I found a better approach by looping through the forecast keys and creating a time series array of surface pressure. Works nice now.

    I also added a call to store.get('product') so that I could load the current model, and I think I've found a bug on your end. If you change model from ECMWF to GFS and vice versa, the output of store.get('product') shows the old model. You have to move the picker before it will show the highlighted model.

    One other thing: how can I get the latest version to show in the plugin loader? If you enter windy-plugin-skewt you get version 0.1.0, the first version. You have to enter windy-plugin-skewt@0.2.5 to get the correct one. Obviously, this isn't a windy thing, it's to do with unpkg and npm. But any idea how to fix it? Npm shows me the latest version on its website, but I have to add the version number in to get the right one.

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    @johnckealy :
    You have to enter windy-plugin-skewt@0.2.5 to get the correct one. -Thx!!!
    takes about a day to update

  • Haha thanks @rittels! Seems the only issue was my impatience. It's working now. :)

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    Hi John,

    thankyou for your development work on the SkewT plugin.....I have been waiting a while for this addition to the Windy project.

    Could I highlight one fault with your plugin and I believe it has to do with the date time used in the SkewT plot not being the same as the Windy background time display.


    1/ In the top image (for time 950hpa wind field at 2200local /12Z), the SkewT wind at 950hpa is ~080/45kts.

    2/ When I skipped ahead by three time steps (or advanced ahead by 9 hours - see bottom image for 0700local/ 21Z ), I found that the SkewT diagram was now indicating a 950hpa wind of 080/20kt.
    a/ The wind field display at the pointer location within the 21Z frame indicates a strong wind 080/45kt. This displayed an inconsistency with the SkewT 950hpa wind 080/20kt for the same time step.

    3/ It appears that the wind speed at 950hpa on the SkewT display for the Windy time step 12Z, coincided with the 950hpa wind field image at the pointer location for Windy 21Z display time.

    In other words, the SkewT display/time stamp is 9 hours ahead of the Windy display/time stamp.

    I looked closer at this because I found inconsistencies with the T/Td trace compared to the displayed cloud fields.
    I tested this with other time steps and areas where winds changed noticeably in speed and direction and found the same inconsistency.

    Please take a look at your programming. I hope you can see this and are able to rectify this.......I would love to be able to continuing using this plugin.


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    in addition to my post above, I have just noticed that when running the mouse cursor across the SkewT image, the layer wind/temp/press details are not consistent with the cursor location. It seems like the cursor is offset by about 2cm below the data point it is displaying.


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  • Hi @stitch ,

    Thanks for the comments and the in-depth look into this. I've actually had this reported to me by another user, and the issue should be fixed. Is the plugin loading as version 0.2.6? The isobar labels should be green in this version.

    I've got in touch with a developer who's going to help out with some of the coding, and plan to have a robust plugin by version 1.0. As a meteorologist, I'm learning the dev side of things as I go, so patience is appreciated; as are the bug reports. I'll look into your comments in more detail when I have the chance, but for now please make sure you're using version 0.2.6, as the specific issues you mention should have been fixed.


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    Hey @johnckealy,
    It is possible that you are referring to me in your last comment ?
    I have released windy-plugin-sounding a few days ago.
    I took inspiration from your plugin for the computation of the adiabatic lines - thanks :)

    You can check the code at
    It's still an early version.
    My plan is to make the code more modular. Maybe we could work on some common components.

    Let me know when you have time for pairing on that.

  • @vicb yes I was referring to you. Definitely let's chat soon, it would be good to avoid overlap. How do I load the plugin? I can't find it anywhere in the menu (Same problem you had haha).

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    I was using 0.2.5 and will now switch over 0.2.6.

    Thx for your work from a fellow meteorologist!

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    @johnckealy right click anywhere on the map and select (the bottom most item) "Better sounding"

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    @vicb said in windy-plugin-skewt now running with ECMWF data:

    Hi @johnckealy,

    Is it possible for you to change the positioning of the Skewt window? In the current setup, the far bottom section of the Skewt window is covered by the meteogram display (as shown below).

    ![0_1555624827722_2019-04-19_7-55-51.png](Uploading 100%)

    Are you able to shift the Skewt window up so it fits just below the station search window? I am hoping this will uncovered the base of the Skewt plot when also displaying the meteogram plot.


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    @stitch said in windy-plugin-skewt now running with ECMWF data:

    I'll try that image file again


  • Hey @stitch, sorry to be so neglectful of updates! I'm super busy with a research job at the New Zealand MetService right now, but that'll be over in 2 weeks and I plan to get back to some dev work. I can see the issue you mention when I use chrome, but hadn't noticed it before since I use firefox for dev. I'll see what I can do, gotta learn about cross-browser compatibility sometime :) I want to add an option to zoom the skewT near the surface too. Thanks for the heads up, I'll post here when I push the next version.

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    Thx John, when you get some urgency

  • @stitch sorry it took so long, but I've added that fix you asked for, the one relating to the forecast obscuring the skewt. It wasn't as elegant as I'd hoped, I just made it smaller! However, I've now also added a zoom function for the lower part of the sounding. :)

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    Thx John....I have been using your plugin today at work and utilised the Zoom function (worked well for analysing the boundary layer etc) and also how the mouse over the SkewT now represents the right hpa level (and T/Td/wind data).

    Well done on being included into the development team. Windy has really taken a big leap forward all thanks to yours and the other guys development.

    Much appreciated.

    PS: If you are looking at any further additions to the SkewT it possible to add a manually manipulated parcel trace (like the feature in your tephigram program)? That is, being able to slide the sfc temp point to give a projected parcel trace overlay on the forecast SkewT trace.

    Again, well done. Thx

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