• Please let the user define the view to show when opening the app instead of wind. Perhaps remember the last view shown.

    Also animation is too fast when pressing the play button, I cannot see the changes hour by hour, as the phone cannot download the data and show it at that place, and anyway I wouldn't be able neither. One-two seconds per hour period would be great.

  • Sailor Moderator

    If you want to open Windy with another layer than Wind, you can do it:
    If you don’t like the speed of animation you can use the left and right arrow button to move the time slider by yourself.

  • I see on the linked thread it's not possible to change the default layer on the mobile app. If my opinion has some value, I also think users not so centered on wind information should be allowed to customize the view, as this app is thankfully useful for a broad amount of users and needs.

    Browsing the timeline by hand is not so easy on mobile app, no arrows there. Seeing the animation is clearer.

  • Sailor Moderator

    The default layer is Wind probably because the App is called Windy...
    I’m surprised by your remark concerning the time animation on the phone app. I find it very easy to scroll the time line only with the right hand thumb.
    But you have also an arrow if you prefer the auto-scrolling.


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