• If I want to be warned when there is too much wind or a great rain or an unusual temperature I cannot as only "and" operator is used and only one alarm can be defined by place.

  • Sailor Moderator

    If you want to get 3 independent alert types, you can set these alerts in 3 places very close together. First choose these 3 locations as Favorites by clicking the map. Then change their name « place1, place2, place3... ». The ECMWF model resolution is 9km, so if they are enough close together it should work. For example, 3 places at 3 km distance:


    Of course an « OR » operator should be easier for the user but a lot of work for developers.

  • @idefix37 thank you, I know the workaround but I then suggest allowing to create multiple independent alerts for the same location, no need to create a complex rule with multiple "or"' operations.

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