Would you like to report your weather station data to Windy? (depreciated)

  • @giusCB
    The advantage is that if other people do the same, the owner will be able to use others' data.

    If you think "hey, the data is public, anybody can use it" - yes, but the fact that others are using it does not make it less of an advantage for the owner - it is still the same data.

    Behave as if others would do the same. Maybe you publishing would trip somebody else to publish too?

    I am glad Ivo did not ask himself "What are the advantages for me if I create a publicly accessible and free of charge windy.com?" when he started the project.

  • @ivo yes. I have a vantage vue station in mid-wales UK

    1. L a CROSSE model#V40-PRO
    2. no
    3. N/A
    4. no
    5. yes

  • 1> ACURITE Professional Weather Center
    2> Yes
    3> ACURITE PC Connect App
    4> No
    5> Yes

  • @ivo

    1. We have Davis vantage Vue with 6357 sensor set

    2 ) We sent data's to other internet web pages( windfinder and weather underground)

    1. We are using meteobridge data logger via GSM modem

    2. We prefer to have wind prediction more than rain and weather temperature.

    3. We are willing to provide our station data's to anyone else who needs and who can share the prediction.

    If you can register us we are ready to send our data to your system.

    Thanks & Regards

    +90 533 749 67 80

  • Hi, I'm Saif From Kharian Pakistan, I Have Acu Rite 5 in 1 Weather Station and My Data Is Uploaded To Wunderground On Daily Basis
    I would Like To See My Data Open On Windy
    Here's My Pws link

    1. Davis Vantage Pro2 6163
    2. Yes - my own website (www.dwight.co.nz), MetService via UK BOM, Weather Underground, and other sites
    3. Using Weather Display and Brian (the whizz behind this software) has added in integration to lots of external sites.
    4. Not sorry
    5. Yes as per above - and Windy would be most welcome as the best weather site in the world!!!
      Cheers, Paul

  • tomah ngo KWITOMAH14 I am also willing to share my data.

    Tomah, WI > 43.968 -90.544 > 1075 ft
    I report via internet 24/7...We also provide data to NWS La Crosse. WI...thank you,
    Dr. L. Quarles

    1. WH1081
    2. Wunderground
    3. I use cumulus software.
    4. Make sure to emphasize that the data is not as trustworthy as official observations. And probably should do something to delete poor data or bugs.
    5. Yes, of course.

  • Hello! I love windy.com and would love to be a part of it. I have a Davis Vantage Vue running to Virtual Weather Station 15.0...Looking to upgrade someday. I upload info to my own website, www.gregweather.com, as well as Weather Underground, and APRS. Thanks for asking.

    1. What type of weather station do you have?
      IROX Pro-X

    2. Do you report your data to some other Internet website?
      Yes - Wunderground, UK Met Office, etc.

    3. How do you technically send your reports to this other website? Which software or protocol do you use?
      Meteobridge runs the station and Meteoplug automates the upload - http://www.meteoplug.com/

    4. Do you have any tips and ideas on how our API reporting should look like?
      Please make it as simple as possible!

    5. Would you be willing to offer your station data to anyone else (not only windy.com) as open data?
      I already do. There is a long list of stations that Meteoplug supports, without me having to do anything other than send the data one time to Meteoplug.

  • Yes, I want report my weather station data to Windy.
    My weater station is NETATMO, with rain and wind gauge.
    NETATMO work with Wunderground

  • @bh5505 same here!

  • @mewindy I use your software to report to Wunderground.com and would like to be able to also share with windy.com.


  • @ivo howdy all, I'm using a Acurite 5 in 1 weather station that reports to weather underground via a raspberry pi 3 B+ using weewx software. My station is located in North Western Washington state USA.

  • Yes i do

  • I have a couple of Raspberry powered weather station near Prato, Italy.
    The software running them is SWPI, an open source project developed by a local hang gliding pilot, it outputs a meteo.txt file with json formatting, but i guess it could be tweaked to meet any kind of api.
    I'd surely be happy to share my data with everybody for free, even if some kind of "Windy contributor" gadget would definitely be cool 😁

  • @Kontsarsita

    1. What type of weather station you have: I have Acurite Atlas
    2. Do you report your data to some other Internet website?
      Yes, to wunderground.
    3. How technically do you send your reports to this other website. Which
      software or protocol do you use. via Acurite Acces
    4. Do you have any tips and ideas, how should our reporting API look like?
      No, for now.
    5. Would you be willing to offer your station data to anyone else (not only
      windy.com) as open data? Yes

  • This post is deleted!

    1. Ambient Weather WS-2902
    2. Weather Undergrond, Weathercloud, (id ITACORON3)
    3. Aplicación WS View
    4. No
    5. Si. sería un placer.

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