Would you like to report your weather station data to Windy? (depreciated)

  • I have a weather station, model Davis Vue, active from day 1 January 2019. The locality is Nunziata di Mascali. the weather data you can see them on www.stazionemeteonunziata.it

  • https://www.private-wetterstation-huntlosen.eu
    Sie, und auch andere Institutionen bekommen bereits meine Wetterdaten zum Beispiel über NOAA und CWOP
    siehe dort auch E8845 bzw. EW8845
    Direkte Lieferung meiner Daten an WINDY wäre möglich. Achten Sie auf Qualitätsmerkmale der Wetterstationen, an Hardware und Software, an den Standort der Wetterstationen und Professionalität des Betreibers. Weniger sind mehr. Meine Homepage befindet sich gerade in Bearbeitung. Zum Teil sind Positionen nicht abrufbar.

    You, and other institutions, are already getting my weather data via NOAA and CWOP, for example See also E8845 and EW8845 Direct delivery of my data to WINDY would be possible. Pay attention to quality characteristics of the weather stations, hardware and software, the location of the weather stations and professionalism of the operator. Fewer are more. My homepage is currently in progress. In some cases, positions are not retrievable.

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    My name is Branko from Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU. I live in the city center.
    I'm owner of 1 weather station installed at my house terrace - Oregon WMR 88.
    Since July,2016 I have been updating real time conditions to WUNDERGROUND.
    For uploading data I use the Weather Display software.
    Yes, I would love to share my area's real-time data with everyone.
    Best regards

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    This sounds like a great idea! Glad to know its something on the horizon to expect.

    1. I currently have the AcuRite 3 in 1 weather station, but now that the AcuRite Atlas is now released I am probably going to upgrade to that in the near future
    2. I currently report my station data to Weather Underground
    3. I share the data through AcuRite's own data share feature from https://www.myacurite.com
    4. If you could somehow use a similar sharing method to what Weather Underground uses, that should enable most users to share their data easier
    5. I would be willing to share my station data to anyone, as long as it's not too complicated

  • I have a Aercus/ Ambient Weather Ranger that reports to Weather Underground from Doubtless Bay New Zealand
    Not sure of the protocols or how to change the host but happy to share data if possible.

  • @ivo I use Netatmo Weather Station for Wind, Rain, temperatures, forecast etc. You should be able to pull the information directly from them and other Netatmo users (if they give permission).
    The WeatherPro App has already added this (Personal Netatmo station) to their weather app and it makes a HUGE difference. Especially for me.

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    @ivo said in Would you like to report your weather station data to Windy?:


    Are you owner of personal weather station? Are you maintainer of network of weather stations?

    We plan to create API endpoints so you could send your weather station data to us. Please help us to do this project by answering following questions:

    1) What type of weather station you have

    peet Bros ultimeter 2100

    2) Do you report your data to some other Internet website?


    3) How technically do you send your reports to this other website. Which software or protocol do you use.

    4) Do you have any tips and ideas, how should our reporting API look like?

    5) Would you be willing to offer your station data to anyone else (not only windy.com) as open data?


  • Osprey 2902
    I have a live full time connection to Ambient weather and the Weather Underground.
    All my data is publicly available.
    I really like the ambient interface found here

  • @ivo

    1. Ambient Weather ws-2902

    2. Wunderground

    3. AMBWeather 3.0.3

    4. No

    5. Yes

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    @ivo said in Would you like to report your weather station data to Windy?:

    1. What type of weather station you have: NETATMO
    2. Do you report your data to some other Internet website? NO
    3. How technically do you send your reports to this other website. Which software or protocol do you use. Done before with https push
    4. Do you have any tips and ideas, how should our reporting API look like? For NETATMO get it directly from there API after approval from user
    5. Would you be willing to offer your station data to anyone else (not only windy.com) as open data? YES

    1. Davis Vantage Vue
    2. CWOP and Wunderground
    3. Hardware / Software Device called a MetoBridge
    4. Unfortunately not
    5. I would like to know where my weather data is being shared, more for my curiosity.

  • Êtes-vous propriétaire d'une station météo personnelle? Êtes-vous responsable du réseau de stations météorologiques?
    Nous prévoyons de créer des points de terminaison API afin que vous puissiez nous envoyer les données de votre station météo. Aidez-nous à réaliser ce projet en répondant aux questions suivantes:

    1. Quel type de station météo vous avez

    Bonjour,je suis agriculteur en France (70km sud Paris)
    j'ai une station météo Type SENCROP dans les champs .
    2) Rapportez-vous vos données à un autre site Internet?

    les données sont transmises toutes les 15 minutes par réseau SIGFOX
    je possède la station (pluviomètre, sonde température,Hygrométrie, Anémomètre)

    1. Comment envoyez-vous techniquement vos rapports sur cet autre site Web? Quel logiciel ou protocole utilisez-vous.

    les données sont transmissent via un abonnement annuel au réseau SIGFOX
    Je peux visualiser les données sur le site
    4) Avez-vous des conseils et des idées, à quoi devrait ressembler notre API de reporting?
    5) Seriez-vous prêt à offrir les données de votre station à quelqu'un d'autre (pas seulement windy.com ) en tant que données ouvertes?

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    You are probably aware of that there are changes happening with the Weather Underground API that affect PWS owners (who are now mostly very upset and moving to other platforms).

    For information about the changes they are most upset about, and what features they would prefer to have in an API, here are some relevant threads on the WU forum that might provide extra useful information.

    What happened to all the BEST features of Wundermap????

    Weather Underground API Changes

    Weather Underground API update

    I have quoted your post in those threads asking PWS owners to provide feedback to your questions here on Windy :)

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    I would be pleased to provide data from my WS.

    Ad 1) Oregon scientific WMR 500
    Ad 2) No, but data from my wheathr stations ar stored for 1 year at a cloud of Oregon.
    Ad 3) WS doing it self, it is alll time connected to the internet. I am getting data thru an Application on my mobile devices.
    Ad 4) No Idea :)
    Ad 5) Yes

    In case You are interested and you find the way please contact me.

    Kind regards


  • Sure,

    1. custom built, based on Wemos D1, BME280 sensor, anemometer, wind dir. and precipitation from SwitchDoc Labs weather rack.
    2. private channel on thingspeak.com and my webpage.
    3. Over WiFi to thingspeak.com and to my homeassistant server over MQTT.
    4. no.
    5. yes.

  • Hello, the weather station of La Palma ara in http://lapalma.hdmeteo.com. I hope your visit

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    I have a weather station in Cairo (though internet down so not reporting)

    Q1 TFA Nexus
    Q2 Reporting to Wunderground and Awekas
    Q3 Reporting via meteohub
    Q4 Gauges a good approach, but also with history
    Q5 Yes

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    Yes I would like that. I have three or four weather stations.
    A Davis VantagePro2, most reliable for sunshine and temperature (it is aspirated). Situated in Ao Nang, province Krabi, Thailand on a rooftop.
    At the same place but in the garden I have a Ventus W380. Its minimum temperature is more reliable because of its location, 1,5 m above grass. Sunshine is less reliable because of the shadow of some trees. Rainfall is much better than the Davis Vantage.
    I also have a VentusW380 in Na Tin Spicy Garden, 5 km from here. It is OK.
    The last one is located in Nong Thale at 7 km distance, but there the distance to the router is too large so it reports irregularly.
    I send the data to Wunderground.
    The Davis data are sent by Meteobridge Pro, not only to Wunderground but also to my private FTP server. This can easily be redirected to Windy. I don't know how to send the Ventus data to you. The data sending was done by using the app WS View and that app only accesses Wunderground as far as I know.

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    1. Davis Vantage Pro2
    2. Weather Underground (but it is becoming untenable, actively looking for a different place to report to)
    3. Using their standard API - mechanism built into the weather software I'm using (Cumulus)
    4. ... nope.
    5. Possibly.
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