Would you like to report your weather station data to Windy? (depreciated)

  • Hi,
    My name is Giorgio Ciacchella and I am located in Genoa, Italy.
    I own a DIY personal weather station which is currently still under development, but I am trying to make it upload its data to as many websites as possible. Finding a good website that easily allows custom DIY weather stations to upload data via HTTP calls by providing the API documentation is hard, so I really hope this project will see the light.

    1 My weather station is built on the Arduino-based microcontroller Particle Photon, along with the Sparkfun Weather Shield, Weather Meters, Sunny Buddy ad a 3.5W solar panel.
    It runs on the Particle programming language, a close variation of C++.
    2 I currently only upload data to Weather Underground [ x ]; I am trying to include other websites such as Weather Cloud and Open Weather Map, but WU is the only one that works at the moment. Hence my necessity to find other websites like the promising windy!
    3 Running on C++ based source code, my weather station uses HTTP GET (and possibly POST) calls through a TCP client to upload its data.
    4 In my opinion, a good API should be simple and have no ambiguities. It should also be easy to understand and to include in the source code of the weather station, have a tidy but flexible upload protocol structure and return useful responses.
    5 Of course! My purpose is to get as much coverage as possible, in order to make my weather data easily and widely accessible, and so useful.

    1. Davis Vantage Pro2 with WeatherLinkIP Data Logger for Vantage Stations
    2. Yes, to: www.weatherlink.com that is provided free by Davis with the IP Data Logger. 15 minutes upload interval free.
    3. Yes www.weatherlink.com offer interface to Wunderground, CWOP and GLOBE. They also offer an API. That would be asome to connect to windy
    4. https://www.weatherlink.com/static/docs/APIdocumentation.pdf
    5. Sure, if we can get graph, stat and etc. If we can have faster upload interval that would be so cool.

    Thank s for your work guy's

  • Hi, I have my own weatherstation, which can measure:

    • windspeed

    • windgust

    • temp

    • dewpoint

    • baro

    • rain

    For the protocoll, so I'm flexible, because I do the protokoll, you like.
    At this time, I send the data to weather Underground and PWS-Weatherstation.
    I would recommend, you use the same protocol as WU does, because, then it is very simply to implement, because there are a lot of weatherstations outside which use this protocol.

    It would be fine, if I could upload also a picture from a webcam.

  • @pierrelannoy I'm a user of the awesome Pierre's plugin and it would be awesome if Windy could support it!

  • Yes, I own PWS, which is now connected to Wunderground, but I'm annoyed crucial limiting API that IBM committed after taking W.U.

    1) WeatherFlow - smart weather station collecting temperature, rain, wind, pressure, sunshine measurements.

    2) I report data to the WeatherFlow site and is also reported through to Wunderground.

    3) The Smart Home hub automatically uploads the data to WeatherFlow site, there's an API for pulling the data down from there and there's also an API for collecting the data directly from the hub via UDP and BLE (https://weatherflow.github.io/SmartWeather/api/)

    4) JSON and XML would be nice. Would like it to show all my data - temp, dewpoint, sea level pressure, wind speed, wind gusting, wind direction, barometer, rain, humidity, UV index, solar radiation, light, brightness, strike count

    5) Yes, no problem

  • @ivo
    I have a Davis Vantage pro2 and Davis Vantage Vue weather station with data logger.
    I report to weather underground which is now getting worse by the day and to PWS.
    Make the site as sexy as possible without too much clutter.
    Yes I will be willing to offer your station data to anyone else (not only windy.com) as open data.
    regards:John from Kewarra beach ,Cairns ,Australia

  • Yes, I am owner of a TFA Nexus Weather Station.

  • Paraglider | Premium

    For France it would be great to add the https://pioupiou.com/en/map Stations api can be found here http://developers.pioupiou.fr/
    and Please add the great holfuy Stations and Webcams:
    They offer a rest service here http://api.holfuy.com

  • | Premium

    1. What type of weather station do you have?
      Custom built Arduino based sensor head end that connects to a raspberry Pi Docker swarm cluster running a weewx container. My database is stored on a Synology NAS.

    2) Do you report your data to some other Internet website?

    Currently weathercloud and weatherunderground. Wunderground has become awful and I no longer wish to support their global warming biased website.

    3) How do you technically send your reports to this other website? Which software or protocol do you use?

    Using the rest capabilities of the weewx software I connect to both services through API

    4) Do you have any tips and ideas on how our API reporting should look like?

    Not really, show me what you come up with and then we can go from there

    5) Would you be willing to offer your station data to anyone else (not only windy.com) as open data?

    Sure, I will be moving soon and want to set up a full Stevenson screen with all my sensors and ensure my station fully complies with best practises.

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    Windy Stations are here, you can now send us the data! Please read the following guide on how to set up your station:


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