Would you like to report your weather station data to Windy? (depreciated)

  • 1- I have an FROGGIT WS3000 ....clone of Fine Offset WH 2900
    2- Yes to wunderground.com
    3 - Via wifi do not know the protocl
    4 - Just let it run like WU
    5 No

    1. What type of weather station you have
      Davis vatage pro

    2. Do you report your data to some other Internet website?

    3. How technically do you send your reports to this other website. Which software or protocol do you use.

    4. Do you have any tips and ideas, how should our reporting API look like?

    5. Would you be willing to offer your station data to anyone else (not only windy.com) as open data?

  • I have no weather station
    I could have One what type would be the best
    Frequency of the informations

    1. Davis Vantage PRO 2
    2. Report data via HF (radio on 3.905MHz). New England WX Net every day except Sundays from 0530-0630 Eastern Times. We also have online reporting if HF conditions are marginal to poor. This can be seen at our website: http://www.newenglandweathernet.com
    3. I do not have any S/W available to send to other sites. Hopefully soon to get something going with this.
    4. NO
    5. Hopefully in the future.

  • Yes, I like the idea

  • Ambient Weather WS-900-IP (Wireless) reporting to weather underground via their ambient weather observerIP 4.1

    1. Vantage Pro 2

    2. I only report to wunderground.com

    3. I use Virtual Weather

    4. No

    5. Yes, I would be willing

  • Lluvia España ,Santander

  • @ivo I use a NetAtmo weather station, with temp, wind, air quality, dew etc data. I can send a link to you which will give u access to my data in real time. Alternatively my data is always available on the NetAtmo public platform (map).
    I am located in Lagonissi, Attica, Greece.

    1. Fine Offset with Solar
    2. Yes - personal Cumulus software based site, Weatherunderground, MetOffice and others
    3. CumulusMX software running on a RasPi and provides multiple feeds. The station is Linked to a Webcam, which is already displayed on Windy.
    4. My feed to Weatherunderground is also indirectly utilised via its API by the "PWS Monitor" smartphone app (showing graphical results). Cumulus software is no longer fully supported so it may be difficult to make use of it to feed directly to Windy.
    5. Yes, already doing so.

  • @ivo Rád poskytnu informace z mé meteostanice Emos 😉

  • Ian interested to contribute. I don't have a weather station as yet, could you please 'recommend one.
    I live in Cairns far north Queensland Australia. I follow quite a few weather channels especially in at this time of year with cyclones around.
    Go well

  • Perfect timing! Installed Fine Offset WH2900 clone yesterday. About 50kilometres south of Bruce Zell in Cairns. Not reporting to anyone yet. Will follow with interest.

  • I have a netatmo weather station, reports go to weather underground via the meteoware website, and also goes to met office weather observing website.

  • I have a Davis Vantage Pro 2
    I report to CWOP as station AT 631, Amateur Radio call N1JJK-2.
    I send the station out over APRS using a Kantronics KPC 3 modem into an Amateur 2 meter radio. The station has the APRS accessory in it.
    The API must be simple to set up. As it is, the Weatherlink software supplied by Davis will not work to send out the packets. Too complicated to set up so I abandoned it in favor of APRS over radio.
    I would welcome the open data option, open to anyone who wants it.

  • Laa ČR pripravuje pro rok instalovat 50 novych meteostanic po cele cr umistovanych na letistich a startovacich plochach pro SLZ. Mate o tyto data zajem?

    1. Davis Vantage Vue
    2. Wunderground
    3. Weewx software using raspberry pi, rapidfire mode , so live data every 2.5 seconds
    4. Something that is similar to existing websites so that software can weewx can adapt easily. Not very averse in APIs
    5. Sure

  • Would be happy to provide wx data to your site.

    I am on the Raritan Bay in New Jersey

    Using Davis Vantage Vue station

    Feeding Davis, Weather Underground, and NOAA

    Kind Regards

    Warren B

  • Hello, I have 4 weather stations with webcam in Italy:
    Davis Vantage Vue with weatherlink-IP in Cavaria (Varese) active from 2012
    Davis Vantage Vue with weatherlink-IP in Venegono Airport near Varese active from 2017
    Davis Vantage Vue with weatherlink-IP in Tavolara Island near Olbia- Sardinia active from 2013
    and a Vantage Pro wireless with weatherlink-IP in La Thuile- Mont Blanc at 2200 mt a.s.l. active from 2012
    All the weather stations transmitting to Wunderground, Weatherlink.com 2.0, Awekas, some to CWOP and to my website (meteolathuile.com)

    Kind regards


  • @ivo Yes i could do that.


    Netatmo Weather Station
    Netatmo -> weathermap.netatmo.com
    Netatmo -> wow.metoffice.gov.uk
    Netatmo -> Meteoware -> www.wunderground.com

    Ambient Weather WS-1001
    Ambient Weather -> dashboard.ambientweather.net
    Ambient Weather -> www.wunderground.com

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