Windy launches "Observation vs. Forecast"

  • Really like it, very interesting

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    I love it. Looking forward to seeing colours in the above zero Celsius range locally.

  • I don't like it, it is important to me to see the graph of the observed wind and gusts just like it was before, that way you can see trends and make reasonable predictions. PLEASE bring back the old style plots or at least make an option for people to revert to them if they want to. I will be switching to Windalert for the time being, it's a shame Windy was perfect for me before this update.

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    While this is a good idea I found the old format more useful for seeing just what the wind gusts have been doing. For knowing if my 18 wheeler is in danger of blowing over, knowing how crazy the wind gusts are is more useful to me.

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  • Great idea, but i would really love to still access the old style recorded data as the new one is very hard to see on mobile.

  • Good feature. Great work everyone

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    Which point of time is used for the forecast comparison? One day before?

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    @chrs_brln said in Windy launches "Observation vs. Forecast":

    Which point of time is used for the forecast comparison? One day before?

    last model run i think

  • I like the concept!, but...
    The observable wind data is very hard to read, especially on mobile - (even on laptop)
    As a kitesurfer / sailor its really important to get ideas on the recent wind trend.
    The old observational wind graph was nice and clear!
    How about adding a zoom function or allowing us to access the old observable page? Please please please!!!
    anyhow - thanks for a really awesome app in general!

    1. I need the observed wind speed (mean and gusts) to have a numeric y axis. Gusts are life and death in paragliding. 2) Some reporting stations are updated more frequently, and this appears to reduce the density of observations? I'd really love to have the old format as an option as soon as possible. I donated via my cell phone, I'm with you guys for the long haul.... give me my data back please!
      Thanks for all you do, I love windy.
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    @erinriley said in Windy launches "Observation vs. Forecast":

    I'd like to see gusts reported constantly too.

  • Wonderful but...
    Too complex for me, frankly - I’m a windsurfer and a walker.
    I really miss not being able to see wind speed trends over time. Please consider reinstating this feature. Many thanks for your consideration and for such a lyrically beautiful and functional software creation.

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    I'm still belt missing the gusts not being reported. 35-58 knots should definitely be in windy but it's not. E.g. Station 03980 but there all the stations are lacking consistent wind gust reporting.

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