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    hi Windy,

    I have a question about the meteograms:


    is the blue-shaded curve temperature range from the ensembles? the lowest-highest? or 25 to 75 percentile?

    thanks /R Mike

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    As I know, that shaded area is symbolizes the temperature --> on the upper side and the dew point --> on the lower side. So it's obvious that the more closer these two sides (values) to each other, the more saturated is the air in that area --> so if the two values are equal the air is 100% saturated -> it can causes fog (low visibility condition) and create low level stratus clouds.
    And its colour matches with the values given --> corresponds to the colour scale (either the standard or the modified colour scale if you changed it individually).

    For example, on this photo you can see a lot of condition.. such as 100% saturated air and wider range too, mainly during daylight. And you can see that the colour is changing, for example above zero it is green.

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    Windy provides data from ECMWF HRES (High RESolution) deterministic forecasting system.
    No from the ENS (ensemble).

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    @csabatatar now I get it..makes good meteorological sense... thanks! best /R Mike

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