SOLVED Windy not showing information like it has for the last year. Now when I type in location example St. George, Utah, the map shows a pulsating circle, no flag and no information. Why the change?

  • Why doesn't Windy show information like it use to for the last year? Now, when I type in the location, example St. George, Utah, it only displays a pulsating circle with no information. Is there a problem with the website? Is the website not working properly?

  • Hi @eagle42 , could you please send a screenshot? By "flag" you mean the so-called picker?

    This is what I see when I type "St. George, Utah" in the search box:

    Screenshot 2019-01-28 at 11.27.54 copy.png

    However, when I then click somewhere else on the map, the picker stays at the same spot that I searched (St. George) and every other location is marked by the pulsating circle, as you say:

    Screenshot 2019-01-28 at 11.54.01 copy.png

  • Administrator

    I have put the picker back

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