SOLVED no AROME data in corners of covered area

  • Hi Windy.

    Loving the implementation of new features like the AROME model.
    One thing I noticed is that it is impossible to explore any data if I drag or zoom the screen anywhere near the corners of the Arome covered area. It switches very early to another model even if I zoom in far enough to only see part of the Arome covered area. It's not so bad at the edges, but in the corners its almost impossible to look even from far away.

    I realize that it's the same behavior with the NEMS and ICON models if you go anywhere near (some 100km?) the corners of the covered area.

    Any chance this automatic switch to bigger models can be pushed further outwards or even be turned off? I would suggest that as long as you can see part of covered area, Windy should not switch to another model than I have selected.

    Thanks for your consideration.

  • just playing around I realize this behavior seems very inconsistent .... for example, if I click on Hamburg (GER) on the map there is no Arome data, even though it's well inside the covered area. Prague (CZE) or Vigo (ESP) gets Arome data even though they are much closer to the Arome edge. :-(


  • Administrator

    We can increase the boundaries inside the client

  • @ivo please do, so we can explore and enjoy the full data that is generated by the models!

  • Administrator

    this will be fixed in some of new releases

  • | Premium

    The fix has been released yesterday. Let me know if this works as expected.

  • looking good where I checked. thanks a lot!
    when will it come to the iOS app?

  • Kiter

    Still waiting for this fix on Android.

    I love windy and especially the AROME model during these challenging to predict summer months with inconsistent thermal winds and squalls.
    But all my kitesurfing and sailing spots in northern Germany aren't really available on the Android app.
    Would be awesome if you could throw it into the next update!

    Aloha from Hamburg

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