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    What are Windy Articles?

    While Windy Community is visited by thousands of fans, Windy Articles are displayed on, attracting potentially million of users.

    Windy Articles should inform about severe weather phenomena that is forecasted or is ongoing. Main goal is to inform, save lives and properties. We believe, that when severe weather happens, people have the right to be informed for free, without advertisement or tracking cookies.

    Therefore all the Windy Articles will be published under Creative Commons licence, so published information can be reused by newspapers, radios, TV and such.

    Windy is not able to enumerate you for writing an article.

    Who can write Windy Article?

    Anyone who is registered on this website and have the skills.

    How to write Windy Article?

    You can write Windy article here in this website. Just make new topic in category Articles and you are done. The initial post become the body of the article.

    Formatting the article

    The article is written in markdown . But our articles support ONLY header 3 ###, bold **, links and images. You can also embed YouTube and Twitter posts.

    Working with images

    Your article should contain some images. Images make emotions, and emotions are the things, that can convince people in affected areas, that they can be hurt.

    Make sure, that all the copyrights are fulfilled. Creative commons images can be found at these locations: - select "Modifications allowed" and check twice that image is CC

    Upload your image as usual to your Article and then use ALT text for appropriate author credits. Markdown that is used have following format for imag: ![alt text](image url)

    All this info should be inside ALT text in following format:
    ![author: name of author; link: URL to author's page; desc: Description; licence: cc](...)

    As you can see, that all the parameters are separated by ; and quotes are omitted. The example of full proper Alt tag looks like this: ![author:NASA; link:;licence:cc;desc: Hurricane Ivo from Mir space station](/assets/uploads...)

    When uploading the photo, recommended width is 1200px.

    All photos used in articles MUST be server from (therefore uploaded from here in our servers). Any photos server from external URLs are considered security risk and filtered out. Sorry.

    Cover photo

    The first image is always considered to be a cover photo. Cover photo is at the top of an article (partly covered by text). Each article MUST contain cover photo. Cover photo should be full of emotions.

    Map annotations

    Your article can do more, that display text and images. It can force Windy to display certain layer, map view, level or isolines, but not only that, annotations, can overlay the map with your notes.

    First of all create your map annotation at What you get is shareable link, that you can post to any article. Post this link anywhere inside your article and you are done. Your map annotation will be launched whenever user opens the article.



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