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    photo: rawpixel;link:;desc: become the author and help others;licence: cc;

    What are Windy Articles?

    Windy is here to help save lives or property by informing others about severe weather phenomena or state of Earth's climate. Windy Articles should help our users and other media to inform about these events, but not only that. We would like to educate others about weather and its dangers.

    We believe that when severe weather happens, people have the right to be informed free of charge, and without advertisement or tracking cookies.

    But not only that. Windy gives its readers a unique opportunity to see the described phenomena on an animated map, with Annotations (explained later).

    We believe, that Windy Articles should be published under Creative Commons licence, CC-BY, so published information can be reused by newspapers, radios, TV and such, mentioning the author. We do not want to compete traditional media. We would help them spread the word, what can potentially happen.

    If you are willing to contribute an article, Windy is not able to enumerate you for writing. Consider Windy as a Weather Wikipedia.

    Who can write a Windy Article?

    Anyone who is registered on this website and have the skills.

    What types of Windy Articles there should be:

    There are two types of articles. The articles that expire and articles that are permanent. Articles that expire should inform about forecasted or ongoing weather phenomena. Permanent articles should:

    • Educate about weather, forecasting and such
    • Inform about new features on Windy
    • Explain some high level functionality of Windy
    • Inform about new climatological studies, models and data sets
    • Reviews of forecast models, weather products and even reviews of weather-related hardware (like weather stations)

    How to write a Windy Article?

    You can write a Windy article here on the Windy Community website. Just create a new topic in any category, and you are done. The initial post will become the body of the article. In order to publish the article, use the tag article (at the bottom of the post).

    Formatting the article

    The article is written in markdown. However, our articles support ONLY header 3 ###, bold **, bullet lists, links and images. You can also embed YouTube and Twitter posts.

    Working with images

    Images make emotions, and emotions are the things, that can convince people in affected areas, that they can be hurt.

    Make sure, that all the copyrights are of image author fulfilled.

    Creative commons images can be found at these locations:

    Upload your image as usual to your Article and then use ALT text for appropriate author credits. Markdown that is used have following format for imag: ![alt text](image url)

    All info should be inside ALT text in the following format:
    ![photo: name of author; link: URL to author's page; desc: Description; licence: cc](...)

    As you can see, that all the parameters are separated by ; and quotes are omitted. You newline to make your ALT tag more user friendly. The example of proper Alt tag looks like this:

       photo: NASA; 
       desc: Hurricane Ivo from Mir space station.;

    Supported type of licence is cc meaning CC-BY, so if you omit licence property at all image will be published as copyrighted one. And yes you can omit any of the field.

    When uploading the photo, recommended width is 1200px and recommended format is jpg.

    All photos used in articles MUST be server from (therefore uploaded from here in our servers). Any photos server from external URLs are considered security risk and filtered out. Sorry.

    If you publish any photo that was created as Windy Screenshot, please make it Creative Commons so other media can reuse it.

    Cover photo

    The cover photo, the first nice photo with title, is inserted via our publishing tool article-publisher. We will be more than happy to provide cover photo for your article.

    Map annotations

    As of version 20.9.0 of Windy, we do not support annotations any more. Creating and maintaining Annotations was way too much complicated and almost nobody used it.

    Display specific layer, location or graphics on a map

    It is very easy to "program" what kind of place an content should be displayed on the map on the right side of the article.

    Just go to and select specific layer, location and zoom. Copy the URL and paste it at the end of an article. At the end of URL add colon and secret keyword internal.

    This URL will be hidden in the article and causes map to show specific layer, location or zoom level. What is inside the URL will be simply on a map. You can even force weather picker to be opened, if will contain picker when you will copying URL.

    If you want to display KML, GPX of geoJSON on a map, just use, upload your data and share the link with specific upload.


    Embedding Twitter, YouTube, FB video

    To embed Twitter just paste URL in this format into the article. Please do not embed Tweets that just contain other Tweets. Embed always final Tweet.

    To embed YouTube paste jut URL in this format

    To embed FB video just paste URL in this format To get this link right click on date-link in FB post with video and copy link.

    Embedding Windy's videos

    If you create stunning video at you can embed it into the article by pasting URL of video file in the article body in this format Make sure the URL as at the begging of the line, not inside the text.

    Article notes

    If you want to use some notes that should be visible just on Windy Community but are not published on Windy, use <hr /> html tag (use -------- in markdown) at the end of an article and write anything below.

    What is below the last <hr /> is just a note.

    Type of an article

    There are two special types of articles. One of them is video type, which means, that first YouTube of Facebook video is prominent on article. The second special type is online which is article, that is updated often as the weather phenomena progresses. To use special type, just add video or online as a tag to your article.

    Test your article on Windy

    After you finish your article here on community, note down its topic ID. It is number that is visible in URL. For example article has topic ID 7914.

    Now type this URL to your browser, and here you are. Your article is just on Windy.

    Publishing your article

    Only users, that are part of a group can publish articles on Windy. If you are not in group publishers, we will be more that happy to publish your article for you. Just let us know, that your article is finished.

    We have decided that only following articles should make it to start-up page of Windy:

    1. Severe or Extreme Warning
    2. Announcement of new Windy feature or service or tutorial how to use Windy better
    3. Any other important message, and as important I mean important in a field of meteorology

    Whenever users see an article on start-up page of Windy, he should be grateful that he has new important information.

    When publishing an article make sure that:

    1. Expiration time is set correctly where applicable (never display obsolete warnings or forecasts)
    2. The article is displayed only to users that need to see it. Use language and country filter for this

    Please be aware that we may need to edit your texts or pictures in order to unify the format of all the articles and/or correct any grammar mistakes.

    These are notes that will not be published on Windy. You can write here whatever you want.

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    Is this still a thing I can do?

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    @mmmmmichael Hi, sure, we would still welcome publishers to write articles for us.

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    @Korina Thanks! I love writing! I would love to start writing articles for you guys!

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  • @Korina, Sorry for the spam, I was just excited to get into this community, also, it wasn't on purpose...

  • thank you!!

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    I would like to ask you for a piece of information about the possibility to write a weather article on windy.
    In practice when I click on the link “” it does not work anymore, consequently, I am not able to upload a picture as I write an article.
    Could you help me to work the problem out?
    Lots of greetings from Italy

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    @paolo-saracino Hello, your account on Gallery Windy is active, therefore it should work. Did you try to log out and log in again?

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    @korina Hello Korina, the problem is that I always receive the message “ 403 Forbidden “, so I don't understand what’s going on

  • Administrator

    @paolo-saracino Hello, could you please send me via PM, list of your IP addresses, which you use for article posting?

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