Innacurate Wind in Firefox

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    Hello - I'm seeing inaccurate wind speeds and animation in one particular profile in Firefox for Windows (66.0b4). When I load a clean Firefox profile, everything works properly, but I can't stop using the profile where I'm experiencing the bug. I've tried disabling all add-ons, toggling all relevant settings, clearing cookies and the cache, and using a Private Window but the problem persists. No errors in the console. Happy to provide more information if useful.

    Edit: I'm also experiencing this issue on, so it must be something common to both.

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Open Firefox
    2. Open Windy
    3. Select wind layer


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    Ok, having spent more time troubleshooting, I believe the steps to reproduce are as follows:

    1. Have a wide-gamut monitor
    2. Create a custom color profile for the monitor and have Windows use that profile
    3. Set gfx.color_management.mode in Firefox to option 1. (The default is 2.)
    4. Continue with steps in previous post

    That's a pretty narrow set of circumstances, but maybe someone else can reproduce.

    Anyway, by making some tweaks, I think I have it working now.


  • I've been experiencing this issue too in Firefox with all of your steps above, but with a typical sRGB monitor (Dell U2415). This seems like quite a messy issue; I'm filing a bug report with Mozilla.

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    @ascom Would love to see the bug report you file!


  • same problem here, for the last few weeks.

    standard firefox on a multitude of windows PC's. Tried restarting firefox without addons, but the problem persists.

    Also experience issues with

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    @drooze said in Innacurate Wind in Firefox:

    Also experience issues with

    Does this then mean that the problem is with Firefox, not with Windy? Or?

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