Modify layer colors (dust)

  • @developers
    Is there a way to modify dust layer color
    to be transparent (instead of white) for low (near zero) dust load ?

    It was available last year but with the latest update the outcome is not so good.


  • Sailor

    Yes it was much better.
    I’ve tried to replace the white = 0μg/m3 by black = 0μg/m3, but the outline of countries disappear because they are now in black. Previously the sea was dark grey and land light grey. It is the reason why probably colours have been modified.
    Now the best compromise seems to be a medium grey (RGB 80,80,80) for 0μg/m3 as shown below.
    If you like, you just need to change the first line=0 in colour setting for dust: Replace (171,171,171) by (80,80,80) and save.
    Then if you don’t like, you can come back to the current default setting.


  • @idefix37
    Thank you!
    Unfortunately the medium grey for low dust load looks like a "smog".
    imho I preffer white for "no dust"
    (and I expect Windy developers to turn it transparent).
    My color pallete looks like

  • Sailor

    @Gkikas-LGPZ said in Modify layer colors (dust):

    Unfortunately the medium grey for low dust load looks like a "smog".

    That shows the relativity of « tastes and colours »....!
    The near zero dust in white, for me, looks like cloud/fog !

    Then I don’t know what is the significant threshold of dust in the air (to produce an effect on visibility, rain colouring, health...). So the map could be simplified if very low content of dust is ignored:


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