Map layers in paid API4

    1. Is it possible to get observation layers also to API4 (like in If it is, how?
    2. Is it possible to load Pole Central maps to windy API (leaflet)?
    3. Is it possible to make several maps that can be synchronized for timestamp? I mean that when chancing the time in one map, the time changes also in the all synchronized maps…

  • Administrator

    @saaneuvos Sorry about the delay.

    1. If you mean reported temperature and reported wind (basically wx station reports) it is not possible now. Observation is not a part of our map, but it is standalone plugin. We would like to make it accessible via API in the future (as well as forecast, airports, ...), but I cannot promise you that right now.
    2. No.
    3. Unfortunately it is possible to run only one instance of Windy map on one page. As it stands at official documentation:

      There can be only one instance of Windy Map on a page, but you can use multiple instances of Leaflet map on the same page.

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