Isolines, raster layer and particle speed in a paid API

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    @marekd I would say that there is bug in the API4 code! When using 'gh', 'pressure', 'temp', 'deg0' in'isolines', 'x'), every isolines are changing and working nicely. But using'isolines', 'off') after the above options, always getting some random isoline in the map!!! It's seem to be the most used isoline...

    In higher level maps it would be ok to use gh-isolines, but then isolines had to be from same model than other data. Now gh comes always from ecmwf and it seems very confusing after couple of days ( when models start to differ). That's why it so important to get rid of "wrong" gh. Without any gh is better than wrong gh...

  • @saaneuvos It works for me as expected, please, make your site with Windy Map public and send me URL as a private message into chat.

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    @marekd & co: This seem to be bigger problem I first realized. Do you have any estimation when this (probably CORS) will be fixed? The bug is causing problems to my parent sites. Even when I'm making changes to my test folder, which is not published anywhere in my sites, might broke my parent sites !?! API seem to use latest changes made (at least in isolines, particles)in my test folders also for the already published API pages...

  • If it brokes your page, you are doing something wrong. You must handle on your own to keep js errors in its scopes.
    We will fix isolines, but now we are finishing some huge things with much higher priority. It will probably take us some time. If you need to publish your site, do not use isolines for now.

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    Hi, I have already published my sites, but can't make any updates to my site. If I don't determine any isolines, API try to use the last one used.. And it seem that there is the same problem with particles? So, it's better that I don't make any update to my sites before you fix the problem... Do you have any estimation, when that fix possible will happen. I know it's not big deal for you, but it is important for me as a paid customer.

  • I am really sorry, but I cannot promise you any date. If you do not want to use paid API anymore, send email to Simona will refund you.

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    @marekd weeks, months...?

  • @saaneuvos I hope weeks, but I really do not know it for sure.

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    @marekd Thanks

  • @saaneuvos check PM :-)

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