time delay or other factors with updates to account settings changes?

  • ... may or may not have encountered a bug ...

    .. with respect to the Reported wind layer, I am finding that at smaller scales (encompassing a large[r] area), the Reported wind vectors / #'s are obscuring the particles animation to the point where I can't really tell what the particles animation is trying to communicate to me ... I have disabled the Reported wind layer in my account settings, however, that layer / feature continues to persist ... are there certain factors / account status protocols affecting htis behaviour? i.e. where I must log out of Windy.com on all devices? ... in order for a change (as described) to take effect?

    Thanks, FFF

  • Sailor

    To disable the Reported wind layer you just need to click on Empty map.


    Btw I do not understand how « you have disabled the Reported wind layer in your account settings » ?

  • Thank you idefix37 ... I would not have realized that control was required to 'Empty (the) map' ... that's much better for the view I sought ...

    And, perhaps 'disable' is not the best choice of terminology for turning the 'Reported wind' control off ... see my screenshot:


    Thanks again, FFF

  • Sailor

    « Disabled » is perfect. I was just wondering how you have done it in your account settings.

  • Hey idefix37 ... since Windy.com refers to pushing a logged-in user's settings to the cloud ("Your settings are saved to the cloud") and those changes are global for that user, I use the term 'account settings' a little loosely I suppose ... maybe 'user settings' is better?, however, now it's just semantics I think ...

    idefix37 maybe you can help with another small mystery (to me) ... even though I have selected 'Watching' for this (my) thread, I am not getting e-mail notifications of your Replies ... (?)

  • Sailor

    OK I see.

    Sorry, I can’t help you because I don’t use this notification by e-mail.

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