Madeira island radar.

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    I have noticed your scale settings for the Madeira radar might be wrong. The radius should be 300km instead of a 100Km.

    In the official site:

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  • Pilot

    I asked exactly the same recently from @dzuremar and he said it's because of the source decreased its range due to some reason. For Madeira they not get the official data, but they get it from Anyway as you can see recently there are a lot of newly added radar coverages, these big and fast extensions are thanks to Rainviewer (such as: Portugal, Turkey, W part of Russia, Australia).

  • Developers

    @csabatatar Oh boy, thanks for mentioning me in the comment. Now that I can see precipitation in the image, I see that the problem is not different range. The map projection is wrong. Note that the precipitation "clouds" are the same, but the scale is wrong (the island is way bigger on the Windy image). I already contacted , its creator Oleksii usually responds and fixes these minor problems quickly. It will be fixed soon. Thanks for the post !

  • Pilot

    I found some precipitation out of the radar ranges. Maybe does it the same projection error, or does it a range problem?
    Képernyőfotó 2019-02-14 - 8.23.02.png

  • @csabatatar
    Some wx. radars are "adjusted" to send images at different range at different time steps.
    Example: LGPZ wx. radar (marked by a star).

  • Developers

    @Gkikas-LGPZ @csabatatar Yes this happens often, it's a configuration error. The routine that draws those light gray circles does not know anything about the underlying radar data (over which it draws the circles). Sometime radar sites have incorrect range in the configuration (e.g. off by several kilometers), or the data can change. Plus, very probably I will be reworking the central/south american radar so probably this will be fixed to a degree :-), but still you can find these things often.

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