Questions regarding pluginDataLoader

  • Code contributor | Premium

    @ivo Thanks for the plugin loader!!

    I am a bit confused about the times, can you help me?

    • With “forecast” the hour value does not correlate with the origTs value. The hour value is 3 hours ahead of the origTs value (origT is UTC).

    • I suppose the origTs value refers to time slot: origTs -90 mins to origTs +90 mins ?

    • What does refer to in airData? Are the 1st values in the arrays: refTime +90 mins to refTime +270mins?

    Thanks again

  • Code contributor | Premium


    Could you also add Visibility in the data?


  • Paraglider | Premium

    I'd love to see more info about the available data too.
    May be the plugins repo on github would be a good place to add them ?

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