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    photo:Brocken Inaglory; licence: cc

    Have you tried to figure out which forecast model is the best for a given location? Not a problem anymore with our new feature: Observation vs. forecast!

    desc:Compare observed data, with forecasted ones

    Just open any weather station in your vicinity and compare observed data with forecast from all the models we use: ECMWF, GFS, NEMS, ICON-EU, AROME, NAM. Make your own conclusion which model is best in given location and situation.

    We believe that this new feature will help you make your weather-related decisions even better than before.

    Try it now on following weather stations:

    And if you came to conclusion which model performs best in your location, let us know in the discussion below:

  • Moderator

    No answer !!! :)

  • Sailor Moderator

    Yes it’s a good feature, if you choose a good weather station ! But not some crazy PWS / MADIS one.

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