Timelapse: The Beauty Of Chilean Altiplanic Winter

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    photo: Caleb Miller;link: https://unsplash.com/photos/UXV6BFkPWHY;licence: Photo by Caleb Miller on Unsplash;desc: Photo by Caleb Miller on Unsplash.

    Despite the peak of the summer season, there's now a period called Altiplanic Winter in Chile, with the moist air that comes from Bolivia and brings unsettled weather and occasional snow.

    Altiplanic Winter (Invierno Altiplanico) impacts Northern Chile in the period from January through February.

    Photographer and Windy user Pato Oses (Facebook, Instagram) created amazing timelapse video compilation of the phenomenon, with diverse shots between January and February of 2019, and some of 2018 in 4K quality. We only agree with Pato's comment about the indisputable beauty of this weather phenomenon.

    Despite all the damage caused in the north of Chile, this particular phenomenon has an indisputable beauty.

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    @all This is great!

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