4,500+ Surfing Spots 'round The World Directly on Windy Forecast Map

  • photo: Jeremy Bishop;link: https://unsplash.com/photos/pikyGuAmwpM;licence: cc;

    Are you a passionate surfer but missed all your favorite surfing spots on Windy? This is the news you've been waiting for!

    Windy has added "Surfing spots" into the list of POI layers!

    Thanks to this feature, we display 4,500+ surfing spots all around the world. For each spot, the following info is provided:

    • Swell size range – the minimum swell size needed for surfing, plus the maximum swell size when surfing is still safe
    • Swell direction – where the waves are coming from
    • Breaksover – the bottom type
    • Tide
    • Optimum wind – the ideal wind direction
    • Wave type

    Please note, the “Popularity” indicator with star icons does not reflect users' reviews. It is generated automatically based on the number of individual spot searches.

    Check the video tutorial above.

    Our data provider is the Stormrider Surf Guide, a company devoted to collecting surf & travel information and sharing it with you.

    And hey, their brand new product called "The World Stormrider Surf Guide" is the largest collection of surf spot information ever compiled! This book must have taken a huge effort to put together, so you’d better check it out!

    As the book annotation says:

    The World Stormrider Surf Guide is the biggest, most comprehensive, reference guide to the waves on “Planet Surf”. This mammoth book explores every dynamic surf zone known to man, from world-famous beaches to obscure reefs on the fringes of the known surf world. Each zone includes detailed analysis of the surf spots and swell forecasting, plus the lowdown on when to go, weather, accommodation, food, culture, hazards, the local scene and much more. A unique set of symbols and statistics make vital surf information instantly accessible. Combined with over 260 detailed maps and 600 superb photos, The World Stormrider Surf Guide is an essential tool and the ultimate surf travel resource for all globe-trotting waveriders.

    So, enjoy this new feature and get the best waves!


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