PRO kitesurfer Antoine Auriol: When I open Windy, I know the forecast in 2 seconds

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    Could You introduce yourself to Windy users?

    Hi, I’m Antoine Auriol, I’m 33 years old and I am a professional Kitesurfer and TV Host. I’m half German, half French. I grew up nearby the sea in Brittany and today I still live close to the ocean in the south of Spain. I spent my youth between acrobatic and water sports.
    At 19, I was European champion in Olympic windsurfing.

    Around that time I discovered kitesurfing and its extraordinary sensation of freedom. I competed at the highest level for 10 years. This gave me the opportunity to discover the world.
    In 2010 I was KPWT world champion.

    Since then I’m always with my kite and that allows me to travel in a different way. I travel to find a harmony between my body and my spirit. I love to adapt to all situations. Kitesurfing is a pure sport that does not contaminate, and that teaches you to connect to the essential. Out of the water, this allows me to relate to others and make true encounters.

    Today I’m on a quest, searching for positive news for the planet. I'm presenting a TV show called "Wind Quest" where I'm chasing all the famous winds on earth. We did more than 20 episodes of 52 min and these films are broadcasted on Voyage, TV5 Monde, in 16 countries. All my projects are connected to the elements, and especially one: the air…

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    What do you use Windy for?

    I use Windy every day because all my activities are connected to the wind. Every day I go for some kitesurf, surf, or paraglide if the conditions are good. What I love about Windy is that it's a new way to read the weather forecast. It's visual, dynamic and easy to use.

    When I open Windy, I know in 2 seconds the general wind conditions of the day. Then I press play and I have a look at the evolution for the next week so I can organize my week of riding! Then I zoom in to have a look at my specific spot that interests me.

    What I also love is that it's very complete, so if I want to have an accurate forecast, I can also have a look at the clouds, waves, different altitudes wind layers...


    Story time ... :)

    I have many fun stories, but one that is quite funny is the day I went to kite in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. It was very intense because there were many police officers everywhere, but I decided to go for it! As soon as my kite was in the air, I listened to the people around laughing and being happy to see the show! But once I was in the fountain ready to ride, some police officers came to me and ordered me to stop...

    My kite falls nearby one of them, and then I had to follow them until their car because they wanted to arrest me. But I explained to them that I just wanted to kite and my intention was to do something cool, without hurting anyone... and I was so intense (and wet) that one of the police guys asked me if he could buy me a kite !!! I said yes and he let me go 🙂 The full video is also on my Youtube channel 😉

    Check more of Antoine's amazing work on:

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