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    Snowkiting season is coming, and a great idea was born in the head of our head, Ivo: To develop a special "Wind" display! :)

    This tool helps you compare all available models at once, directly on the map! Look just how easy it is:

    1. Pick a spot on the map (you can have any weather layer or POI layer on it).
    2. Open the forecast detail for the picked location.
    3. Choose the "Wind" option.

    Check the video tutorial above.

    Working on desktop, the iOS app and newly also the Android app.

    Enjoy and give us a shout!



    Forecasted Wind:

    Average wind speed 10 meters above the surface (or at a selected pressure level). The actual wind at the ground is influenced by many factors like mountains, cities and terrain in general, convective clouds and thermal effects. That's why it's always better to compare all models and make your own decision!

    More weather layers are described in our community FAQ section.

    Forecast models:


    • ECMWF 9km: Very accurate model provided by the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts. Clear winner compared to other forecast models. Since the model is commercial, only a few companies in the world offer it.
    • GFS 22km: Basic free model provided by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) with not so good resolution. Compared to other models, GFS can fail in mountain areas, and in(when) forecasting clouds and precipitation. Since the model is free, a majority of weather applications use it.

    USA + Alaska + Hawaii:

    • NAM 5km: Regional mesoscale model run by NCEP. Provides better resolution than global models.


    • ICON-EU 7km: High resolution model developed and operated by German DWD. One of the most modern forecast models delivering very good results in Europe.
    • NEMS 4-12km: Very accurate model developed by NOAA, but improved and computed by Swiss Meteoblue. Excels in all parameters, especially in Alpine areas.

    More info about forecast models can be found in our community FAQ section.

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