What happens with the Polar Vortex?

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    04 Jan 2019 - Previously, we wrote that the Polar Vortex causes isolation of the polar area so the air cannot mix and makes a westerly circulation.

    Fully formed Polar Vortex causes low temperature and strong winds. On South pole, the Polar Vortex is stronger, because around Antarctica is only an ocean.

    On North pole, the Polar Vortex is weak because around the North pole alternate ground and sea. Most powerful is the Aleutian Low which sometimes can destroy or split the Vortex, like it did now!

    Polar Vortex

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    04 January 2019

  • There's a close mirroring of jetstream pattern at present, they usually look quite different, i.e. the polar vortex is looking more like extended jetstream flow.

    10 hPa
    2019-02-23 10 hPa.png
    70 hPa
    2019-02-23 70 hPa.png
    250 hPa
    2019-02-23 250 hPa.png

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