• I really appreciate this product and have recently contributed what I believe I can justify. In case you may not have evaluated the potential to receiveTips and Contributions from users of the Brave browser, I would like to suggest you take a look. Windy becoming a validated participant would allow several of us to easily further support our favorite things on the 'net; Windy and the Brave/Bat browser concepts.

  • It is possible to use any browser and iOS & Android app for donation.

  • @siim Of course, you're right. To support my suggestion, I should have pointed out that there are currently unique funds made available in many Brave user's accounts that ONLY exist in BAT (not USD), but which can be used for tipping web content creators. The back-story would need a longer discussion about the principals of the Brave Browser. As a Brave user, I'd like to contribute my funds to good content, like Windy, but can't unless Windy signs on as a verified recipient. Just meant to be an opportunity, not a necessity.

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