UNSOLVED Unit Settings

  • I have read through the archives on how to change units of measure, yet I cannot find "error console", turning phone to landscape doesn't help, I have set my units on my laptop but nothing on my phone. I assume if I logged into the app on my phone it would bring up my laptop settings...but I don't see where to log in to the app. So I am F on my laptop and C on my phone and cannot figure out how to make the phone F.

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    Yes you must log in the app on your phone. To do it, click on Wind symbol and then on « Login » on top of the menu.


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    Hi @catqueen, in mobile app you can change units very easily. Click on the yellow icon to open the menu and scroll to the bottom. There you can see settings and options to change units.

    Alternatively, check this video.

    Let me know if this helped you.

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