Stratus is one large depression in the sky

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    Do you know that feeling when you wake up, look at the sky and see only one large cloud which darkens the world? It is probably Stratus!

    photo: PiccoloNameki;link:;desc: Global view on a Stratus cloud type.;licence:cc;

    Stratus is a large grey and likely uniform cloud that casts a shadow on us. But you can still see the sun through it - you can easily recognize the sun's disc. Compared with Stratocumulus it has no visible elements, no friends. It is usually created from a fog, which rises up to the sky, which gives Stratus the title: The lowest cloud type.

    Stratus is connected with light precipitation such as drizzle, snow or snow grains. It is a quite thin cloud so don't expect any heavy rain. It can appear after a warm front or before a cold front.

    photo: LivingShadow;link:;desc: Stratus cloud type with a view on the Sun.;licence:cc;

    Have you ever taken a photo of the Stratus? Send your photos!

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