Stratocumulus - a friendly cloud

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    Let's learn something about another cloud type. Stratocumulus is a very friendly cloud - consists of many smaller clouds or looks like many clouds travelling together.

    photo: Mikael Häggström;link:;licence: cc;desc: Stratocumulus undulatus clouds, viewed from airplane.

    Stratocumulus is a cloud with darker (grey) and brighter (grey or white) parts. It can be many smaller clouds with a flat top or they can merge into one layer. It is another low-lever cloud, which can look like a scalloped sheet of paper or many patches creating some pattern.

    Stratocumulus usually casts a large shadow on the Earth's surface and sometimes is connected with precipitation, which is falling uniformly and has low intensity.

    Can you guess the differences between Stratocumulus and Cumulus? Send us your photos of Stratocumulus.

    photo: webentwicklerin;link: https:;

    photo: Alana Sise

    03 February 2019

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