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  • Hi,
    Its a great it.
    It would be nice if I could "save" my route and be able to recall it. Purpose is to plan sailing that route and get a idea of the weather condition at each point while the forecast is moving forward in time. Now I have to make my rout again each time (day) that I load the page.
    Regards to the developing team,

  • @Spirare


    Agree with your suggestion to be able to name and save distance and planning plots and editable waypoints, but for slightly different reasons.

    Such as, to recall and compare the plot of a storm's prior forecast track, with a later forecast run (recalled in the same or a different model) to see where the trends are drifting over time. Or to mark the location/movement of significant features (like inferred fronts). You can do that with screens now, plus with annotation markings also, but recalling the prior plot line would show the changes in their dynamic context. And have several current and recalled plot lines displayed simultaneously.

    For instance, a 'planning and distance' Legend, with the saved plot's name and date of creation, and different colors, specific to each plot line displayed. Click on a plot line to make it the 'active' plot, which pops up its details, which then allows you to drag and drop those active plotted points, then save changes, or not save changes.

  • Hi @Spirare, unfortunately it is not possible within the "Distance & planning" feature to save your route and then recall it.

    Although what I am going to suggest is not a perfect solution to your request, how about trying our map annotations? With this feature you could save the link(s) wherever it is comfortable for you and then repeatedly return to it.

  • @Marienka said in Suggestion: Distance & Route Planning:


    Well it is possible at least to save (or "share") the html address which keeps the track. Unfortunately only the track, not all details like used layers etc.

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