anybody working on a trajectory plugin?

  • the main reason why the hot air balloon community uses meteoblue:

    anybody working on this?

    btw: there is NO public website which offers ECMWF or ICON trajectories AFAICT

    • Michael

  • @mhaberler
    I am REALLY interested in this. I fly a paramotor and am currently working on flying large FAI triangles (shortest side has to be at least 28% of the total triangle). I use different direction winds at different heights to improve my speed and thus distance I can do using the 22 litres of fuel I carry.

    Current favourite site is take off at Yass (Australia) in remnants of the easterly sea breese (up to 1500AGL) and fly NE then NW and then climb into the upper synoptic westerly (up to 8500 where there is controlled airspace) to do a W leg to return to Yass. Longest flight so far is 313km at average speed of 74kph.

    Are you a JS developer? I have a developer background.

    I'd be REALLY keen to incrementally develop a plugin. e.g. for a given location find times when there is a wind direction difference of more than 150 degrees in wind layers from surface to 10000 feet. And then add functionality

    MANY people would be interested (aviation, balloons), nothing similar is available and the excellent people at Windy provide access to the best datasets.

    Is anyone else interested in this? I'm happy to provide use cases if ant developer is interested in a project.

    Peter Evans

  • I know procedural programming languages reasonably well, but have next to zero JS skills. So my contribution could be usage, suggestions and maybe the occasional trivial fix.

    That does not deter me from wishful thinking ;) - what trajectory viewers IMO are missing is the ascent and descent phase. So in my case that'd be:

    • forward and backward trajectories for a given location and altitude

    • refine with a ascent/descent rate for the takeoff and landing phase

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