Use Windy layer over our own map

  • Hello,

    is it possible to have a map like Google map or Here map and to display Windy informations over it.

    Like the "Satellite" layer view in Google map.

    Thank you.

  • Would it be better? This is what exists in Windy now, compared to the Google map and its satellite images:

    Windy's Map:

    Google's Map:

    Google's Satellite:

    Then when you zoom out a bit:

    Windy's Map:

    Google's Map:

    Google's Satellite:

    But when you zoom out further the overlay colors will washout the satellite image's colors. Meanwhile the essential geographic features are still visible in Windy anyway for weather-related purposes:

    The satellite image is going to be covered with a colored wash from the overlay on top, but it will also interfere with the overlay's color display and detail if there's a transparency factor used to show both of them (maybe a slider to find the best mix of the two):

    But Windy is already displaying the major topographical and human features anyway through the weather overlay - in this case the 'Rain Accumulation' overlay:

    Would a satellite background be better for weather forecast detail? Probably not.

    But a satellite background sure would look good behind some overlays like clouds and snow for instance if there was transparency where no information was being displayed (plus an On/Off button for the satellite layer).

  • Sailor Moderator

    You have the choice to use the default map or a satellite view.
    Just select Settings and scroll down the list. Then change the Background map type.
    But both background maps are only available at low zoom levels.


    As @WXcycles said, I do not see the benefit of using this map type. But you may prefer it...

  • Hello,

    thank you for your answers.

    My problem is that I work for a map provider, we develop our own map and I want to add the Windy layer keeping my map.

    I want to let our customers to activate or not the weather using Windy API.

    In my first post, I used Google Map as an example but we only want to use Windy layer on our map (and eventually on Here map).

    Is it possible ?

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