• How can I display weather stations on the map?

    I tried using reported temperature and reported wind, but I only see one bubble in southern british columbia. I know there are many more stations in the area.

    Otherwise, is there a way to find the weather stations near a location I am checking the forecast for?

  • Sailor Moderator

    To display weather stations on the map, you just need to select Reported wind or Reported temperature. Some appear as a dot and change in bubble when you zoom in. I found quite a lot of WS in southern British Columbia.
    To see the nearest WS from a location, open the weather diagram and scroll to the right end.


  • I guess most are displayed. One particular station that I know is not displayed is Wx 71882. It also does not show up in nearest weather station.
    Thanks for the the screenshot I missed that feature and it's very helpful.

  • Sailor Moderator

    Is it this weather station?
    I typed WX 71882 in the search bar.


    Is this WX at the right location?
    When Reported wind or Reported temperature are selected, this WX does not appear near Revelstock.

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