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    Considering stratus nebulosus, Stratus fractus is quite small and not so much dangerous. What about a closer look at this last low-level species?

    Stratus fractus (St fra) is irregularly shaped with outlines that change very fast. At first sight, it may look like a Cumulus, but it is less white, less dense and mainly it is less vertically developed. Stratus fractus is created by turbulence, not rising warm air. Therefore, it is more flat and large compared to Cumulus fractus.

    Stratus fractus is rarely connected to precipitation but usually comes with precipitation clouds, e.g Nimbostratus. And if it rains from Stratus, then it is only light rain.

    photo: Joonasl;link: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Fractostratus.JPG;licence: cc;desc: Stratus fractus low level cloud type.;

    Have you ever taken a photo of this torn-apart cloud? Send them!

    photo: Nicholas A. Tonelli;link: https://www.flickr.com/photos/nicholas_t/7720784750;licence: cc;desc: Stratus fractus low level cloud type.;

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