UNSOLVED wind directions hidden by scrollbar in widget

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    Re: Windy Widget: winddirection overwriten

    briging up the problem that was mentionned in a previous unanswered post :
    on firefox (but not on not chromium), the wind directions of the forecast pannel is hidden by the scrollbar...
    that is a problem for me as this is a very important information for the use of my website (paragliding...)

    any idea for fixing this ???
    thx !

    Capture d’écran de 2019-03-05 17-58-03.png

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    hi there,
    this could be done with css

    .embed-map #detail .data-table {
        scrollbar-width: none;

    but i m afraid this can't be done from my side... : would there be a chance the css rule would be added from windy side ??


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