Tutorial: How to choose a forecast model for display on the map

  • Windy provides the option to choose from several different weather models. You can display their data just directly on the map.

    photo: windy.com;link: https://community.windy.com/topic/12/what-source-of-weather-data-windy-use;licence: cc;desc: Forecast models


    See the legend in the lower right corner of the screen. Then choose the forecast model that you prefer.

    You can also get some more info about the data (provider, update interval etc.) via the "clock" button.

    photo: Windy.com;link: https://www.windy.com/?namConus,40.044,-91.582,4,p:off;licence: cc;desc: NAM model and data info.

    photo: Windy.com;link: https://www.windy.com/?arome,2019-03-08-17,46.680,9.888,5,p:off;licence: cc;desc: AROME model and data info.

    Mobile devices

    It's very easy, just follow this tutorial:

    photo: Windy.com;licence: cc;desc: AROME and other forecast models

    Here you can find more info about the sources of weather data on Windy.com.

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