Tutorial: How to compare all forecast models for a specific location

  • When you are checking the weather for a particular location, you can choose from a number of available forecast models.


    Just pick a location on the map and get to the forecast detail for this location. It’s up to you which model meets your needs. You can easily switch between them, or you can compare them all at once:

    photo: Windy.com;link: link: https://www.windy.com/multimodel/50.090/14.420?2019-03-08-18,46.965,14.194,5,p:off;licence: cc;desc: Compare all models on Windy.com

    Mobile devices

    photo: Windy.com;licence: cc;desc: Models comparison.

    Here you can find more info about the sources of weather data on Windy.com.

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