Cumulonimbus - the biggest beast it the sky

  • The last cloud type in the low-level troposphere is Cumulonimbus, the highest cloud. How can we recognize it and most importantly what does it mean when Cumulonimbus is coming our way?

    Cumulonimbus is a heavy and dense cloud that can reach from the low level up to the high-level troposphere (from 1 km to 12 km). It is a white and grey massive cloud tower with smooth, fibrous or striated parts of its upper portion. The base is often really dark and bad looking at all.

    photo: jacinta lluch valerolink: Cumulonimbus cloud type a low level cloudlicence: cc
    Image credits: jacinta lluch valero

    Usually, the Cumulonimbus brings heavy rain that can last for hours! And there's more! Cumulonimbus is responsible almost for every thunderstorm, tornados and other dangerous phenomenona. So, when you see it, find yourself a good shalter, stay at home or hide in a bar.

    Have you seen the Cumulonimbus at its best? Send your photos!

    photo: Piyapon Poottimalink: Cumulonimbus cloud type a low-level cloudlicence: cc
    Image credits: Piyapon Poottima

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