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    As was mentioned in the previous post, Cumulonimbus is a heavy big bad cloud. But this cloud can come in a quite nice species - Cumulonimbus calvus (Cb cal).

    Cumulonimbus calvus is the most pleasant species of Cumulus. It is without any fibrous and striated parts. The top of the cloud looks quite flattened and looks like a white mass without sharp outlines. Basically, you can mistake it for Cumulus congestus, but it is just a way bigger then any Cumulus and it can even form from Cu con!

    photo: pxhere;link: https://pxhere.com/en/photo/118924;desc: Cumulonimbus calvus cloud type low level.;licence: cc

    This light version of the beast brings usually lighter rain in a form of showers, but it can also cause heavy rain, strong winds, hail or even storms. Although it is not so extreme like with its brother Cumulonimbus capillatus, which will be in the next post!

    Send your photos of a thunderstorm cloud!

    photo: Merikanto~commonswiki;link: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Cumulonimbus_calvus_a2.JPG;desc: Cumulonimbus calvus cloud type low level.;licence: cc

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