Two suggestions - Smooth time-line and weather fronts layer

  • Hello, I have to new features suggestions to Windy:

    1. Smooth time-line play

    It would be very nice and eyes-friendly to see smooth change of content when moving time-line or using time-line play button. At the moment it is sometimes difficult to observe the progress of the weather when jumping in a few hours steps. Interpolation of models results to have smooth animation of weather in the time-line would be great.

    1. Frontal systems/symbols layer

    Front symbols are standard part of synoptic charts. It would be great to see these symbols as a standalone layer in Windy.

    Thanks for your feedback.


  • Sailor Moderator

    I may agree with your first suggestion, but for the second it’s almost impossible as explained here:

    Windy visualize numerical data mainly from weather models but don’t interpret weather charts. So if you know a source of weather front numerical data, if possible worldwide, I’m sure that Windy team would consider your suggestion.

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